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Character Animation Reel 2022
Personal Portfolio


Shot List:

  • Low Poly Title Sequence - Maya

  • Yes, I Have Pants On - Maya

  • Prosthetica Short Film - Maya, worked as director for the film and animated the included shots

  • Yule Dragon Animated Holiday Card - Photoshop and After Effects

  • Horse Buddies Walking Together - Photoshop and After Effects

  • Owls Infographic Experiment - Illustrator and After Effects

  • Ostara Dragon Animated Card - Procreate and After Effects

  • Watercolor Horse Trot - Stop Motion Studio

  • Not All it Seems to Be - Stop Motion Studio

  • My Greatest Failure: An Animated Journey Independent Film/ Director and Animator - Toon Boom Harmony

  • 11 Second Club April 2019 - Maya

  • Jewelry Shop Demands - Maya

  • Here Comes the Boy - Procreate and After Effects

Thank you so much for watching!

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