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Limitless VR Blaster Skins
Limitless Blaster Skins Lineup.jpg
Creative Works, Inc.

Custom In-game VR Textures

Limitless VR is a wireless virtual reality laser tag game. To add more value to this product, I was put in charge of designing the first round of brand new blaster skin textures. By having an account linked to the game, players now have the ability to unlock these new skins as they play more! And these skins will be available to them no matter which Limitless VR location they visit.

The first five designs I created are currently live across all entertainment centers that have a Limitless VR game. Two are Venue Exclusive and can only be unlocked by visiting those locations. You can view a full turnaround of each skin below.

More will continue to be added now that the first round of skins went over well, so be on the lookout for even more designs in the coming years!

Limitless Red Dragon Blaster Skin
Limitless Comic Blaster Skin
Limitless Steampunk Blaster Skin
Limitless Andretti Indoor Karting & Games Blaster Skin - Venue Exclusive
Limitless Urban Air Adventure Park Blaster Skin - Venue Exclusive
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