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🍀Shop is OPEN!🍀

After a rather bittersweet beginning to my move back to Indiana, I believe I'm finally ready to reopen my Big Cartel shop! While I don't have any new products to showcase for the reopening, I'm still proud to offer the products I currently have.

I don't plan to give up either! My shop will continue to be home to my passion projects and other random artsy endeavors that I get into from time to time. I definitely still have some really cool art product goals of mine that I'd love to achieve at some point.

My Redbubble shop is still around and remains open at all times, so that's always a fun place to check out my designs on lots of cool products too.


Make sure you visit my Ko-fi page to snag a special 15% discount code valid in my Big Cartel shop from March 17-24th!

Ko-fi: Waiting for Spring to Wash Away the Blues

I'm still working to discover a good balance between my new career and my own artsy ambitions. I still want to make my own designs from time to time, and I'm confident I'll find a healthy way to continue working on those passion pieces for my shops. If you'd like to support me for as little as $1 on my Ko-fi page, you'll unlock exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of my artistic processes and other goodies whenever I can share them!


My commissions are still CLOSED as I settle into my new home. If I ever find myself with extra time on my hands and an itch to draw without a design of my own in mind, I will be sure to reopen commissions and let everyone know about them on my socials!

Always feel free to check out my Ko-fi page by clicking the coffee cup above, or anywhere it shows up on my website (including the support button at the bottom of every page) where you can support my artistic journey and personal designs with a warm cup of cocoa. I'm definitely eager for Spring to finally begin and shake off the winter blues! ☕♥

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