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Memberships are now available on Ko-fi!

You can now join my “Dragon Hoard”—as I’ve chosen to refer to my collective members—to support me monthly AND get some super cool digital rewards because of it! I’m only releasing the first tier at the moment, as I believe it’s the easiest to manage and care for overall, but my ultimate goal is to eventually have several tiers all with increasingly awesome rewards. 🤩

 See my post over on Ko-fi for all the details and benefits of becoming an Excellent Eggmate!


Check out all my artsy goodies for sale in the Ko-fi shop!


My commissions are currently CLOSED. If I ever find myself with extra time on my hands and an itch to draw without a design of my own in mind, I will be sure to reopen commissions and let everyone know about them on my socials!

Always feel free to check out my Ko-fi page by clicking the coffee cup above, or anywhere it shows up on my website (including the support button at the bottom of every page) where you can support my artistic journey and personal designs with a warm cup of cocoa. ☕❤

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