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Graphic Design

This project was a long time coming after deciding that I wanted to redesign my branding. I had to really look into the symbolism I wanted to associate myself with as a creative individual, and thus I landed on a mixture of hexagons and fantasy material. The hexagons are utilized as a symbol of ingenuity, as well as of crystals and honeycomb.

Combine that foundation with my love of dragons, nature, and the limitless capacity of the imagination, and you have what I wanted my brand to truly reflect: an individual who views the world as a place full of natural magic and technological wonder who can create wonderful artwork from those inspirations.


My signature in the middle reflects my work in the traditional art world as well as the digital world and how I am intricately connected to both .

The QR code in the bottom right corner of the back side leads to the shop page of my website to promote ease of access for potential customers.

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