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Scales of Pride LGBTQIA+
Dragon Series
Kimberly Holbrook Arts

Personal Small Business Project

This series was started shortly before pride month in May 2021 in order to bring awareness to the LGBTQIA+ community as well as provide a unique, fantasy-driven product representing the different flags found within the community. It began with the all-encompassing Rainbow Pride Dragon as the beacon of the community as a whole, with later dragons representing more specific identities. I felt as though this was a great way to allow people to showcase a more subtle kind of pride, if they needed it in order to feel safe, since dragons can be any shape, size, and color the imagination can conjure up. This is an ongoing project and new dragons continue to be added to Redbubble occasionally.


To shop this collection, click the Rainbow Pride Dragon or any of the other dragons below!

The dragons below are all of the current dragons that exist in the series.

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